Games For Brands


Do you want your brand exposed to millions of people on the App Store?

Do you want your brand to be in arms reach of thousands or millions of people each day?

Do you want to be able to broadcast messages to those fans?

All this and more is possible with a mobile game for your brand. The brand exposure and marketing potential offered through a mobile game is unlike any other marketing channel.

Flow Spark Studios are experts at mobile game development and accept 1-3 partnerships per year working with brands to create a mobile game that generates huge brand exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Games Are Powerful

Games are a powerful, personal way to communicate with your target market. For a comparatively low investment compared to other media, you can get amazing reach and frequency with your customers and engage them in a highly social experience. Games can build a lot of buzz around your brand and endless social media opportunities. Games offer both above the line and below the line opportunities.

All you need is the idea and the execution. That’s where Flow Spark Studio’s comes in.