The Culmination of a Life Long Dream

by admin | March 10, 2015 |

Today, we announce the launch of ‘Danger Rabbit’, a fun, action packed IOS game available today on Iphone + Ipad.

Click here to get it! It’s free!

Check out our trailer below to see what the game is all about!

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The game has been a product of six months of hard work. But when I look back at my life, I realise it is really the culmination of a life long dream.

About 9 months ago, I was rummaging through some of my old, childhood books and scrapbooks at my brothers house and found something I’d almost completely forgotten about. I found two letters I had received way back in 1991, and 1992, from companies in the U.S. rejecting two different game ideas I had envisaged, and painstakingly drew out for them. Not one but two rejection letters. One, received in 1991 when I was just 10 years old. The other in 1992 as an 11 year old.

Here are photos of the letters.

bullet proof 1

sunsoft 1


Casting my mind back to the days of being a ten year old, I vaguely remember that I created a custom game for Bullet Proof Software featuring a ‘bullet proof’ character because I was such a fan of the company (Bullet Proof Software) that had given me Tetris on the GameBoy.

For Sunsoft, I have slightly more vivid memory of creating Batman 2: Legion of Knights for Sunsoft, a sequel to their Batman title on the Gameboy.

Both ‘games’ were 20-30 page documents I sent them with drawings of every level and descriptions of how the games worked, what powerups you could get and more. This was back in the days before the internet, so I had found their address in the user manual I think, bought a stamp and mailed it to them from all the way down here in down under.

I think I was just excited at the time that I even got a letter, though a little disappointed that some magical adventure didn’t start where they said ‘hey kid, we’re going to make your game’.

Life came along in the intervening years and I busied myself with things like school, sport, girls and getting a job. My desire to create and build things never went away and I’ve become something of an entrepreneur . I’m part owner of a condom brand and to pay the bills I am part owner of a small web design company called Level 34 Group.

Then 9 months ago, I found those letters and it spurred me on to finally create a game. A little older, a little wiser, no experience whatsoever with games but a strong skillset in user experience design I set about creating a game for an idea that sprung into my mind a few years ago.

So, I guess you can call it the culmination of a life long dream. It only took me 23 years but I finally built a game!

What percentage of people make an In App Purchase?

by admin | October 10, 2013 |

One of the toughest decisions we have faced as a bootstrapped startup mobile gaming company is how we monetise our game. As in, customers spending money on our game so we can spend money ourselves on things like food, clothing and shelter.

There is lots of content out there about free games with in app purchases being the ones that are making all the money. It’s hard to relate to that and design for that when your personal predilection is against spending on in app purchases. I have no qualms paying upfront for a game if I see value in it, but in-app purchases seem to irk me.

I’ve been wondering a lot how many people feel the same as me, and it took us a long time to find reliable data on how many people do.

According to this article, the range is 0.5 – 6%. So 94% of gamers will never spend a cent if you give them a free game. Nice to know.

This article about who spends money on in app purchases and how much money they spend was also very useful for us. More than half of in app purchase revenue generated comes from transactions that are more than $20! Wow. Who woulda thunk.

Get Extra Credits! Our Favourite Episodes

by admin | September 18, 2013 |

As a total noob (is it meant to be n00b?) game developer, I’ve spent hours researching the mobile game market and games in general.

There is a youtube series for video game development that we’ve found to be pretty awesome. Don’t know who does it but they’ve taught me some really cool stuff. There certainly is an art and a science to game development!

Here are some of my fave episodes

The Skinner Box - I actually knew of this as ‘continuous partial reinforcement’ so its interesting to see an indepth description of this psychological factor. We are trying to implement this in Danger Rabbit with our totem poles.

Balancing for Skill - Initially Danger Rabbit was really hard – probably too hard! This helped us find more balance.

Depth vs Complexity – This helped us add features like the jetpack, because we didn’t have enough complexity.

Lots to learn if you’re a noob developer like us.


Danger Rabbit is Coming Soon!

by admin | August 16, 2013 |

Yessiree, you heard that right.

Danger Rabbit, the first mobile game from Flow Spark Studios is coming soon.

Here are are a few early stage, sneak peek screenshots of the game:

danger rabbit level 3


watch out for the bear


Stay tuned!

We have a Youtube channel

by admin | July 11, 2013 |

Check it out:

We don’t have much yet, just a few videos of the characters in our game.

Including this guy!


I know you’re scared. It’s okay.

Flow Spark Studios is Alive!

by admin | June 25, 2013 |

Flow Spark Studios is a startup game studio based in Sydney, Australia. We are focused on making innovative and addictive games with interesting new game mechanics

Our first game is called ‘Raaabit’!

It’s due out in August 2013 and will be exclusive to Iphone + Ipad initially.